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Palmetto Moon, a well-known Southern Lifestyle retail chain, operates nationwide, offering an extensive array of merchandise from over 150 renowned brands.

They faced the challenge of effectively marketing their diverse product range across all store locations and their e-commerce platform during the critical holiday season.

With a significant advertising budget and high expectations, Palmetto Moon partnered with Squeeze Marketing to develop and execute a comprehensive set of campaigns tailored to maximize both in-store and online sales.

Our Objectives

– Market a wide range of merchandise to all store locations and on a national scale during the holiday season (11.26.23 – 12.30.23) with an advertising budget of approximately $150,000.

– Increase brand awareness to drive foot traffic to all 44 stores.

– Optimize return on advertising spend for e-commerce to achieve maximum revenue.

in revenue from
ads in Dec 2023
$ 0 M
return on Google
E-Commerce Ads
0 X
store visits in
the Dec 2023

Brick & Mortar for
19 markets - Dec 2023

national - Dec 2023

Brick & Mortar Results - dec. 2023

results - dec. 2023

Overall Impact

Total revenue of $1.34 million in just the month of December 2023 from an advertising spend of $150,000, resulting in a 9x return on investment.


Comprehensive Digital Strategy

The campaign's diverse approach covered both brick-and-mortar and online sales, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

Analytics and Reporting

Detailed analysis and reporting provided valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing for informed future marketing strategies.

Market Penetration

Successfully marketed to all store locations and nationally, significantly increasing brand visibility and customer reach.

Increased Sales and ROI

The strategic advertising efforts led to a record-breaking sales month, with significant returns on investment, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign