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Brand Development Process

Welcome. We're excited to start your branding journey!

Navigating the creation of your brand can feel overwhelming. Your logo is the visual representation of your business, and our goal is to create something that perfectly encapsulates your brand’s essence.

Our brand development process is designed to bring out the best in your business. We start by understanding your unique needs and then craft a custom logo and branding, from initial sketches to comprehensive style guides. We’ve broken down the process into manageable steps, ensuring your satisfaction at every point. The end result? A brand that you’ll not just like but love!

Ultimately, you’ll gain comprehensive assets tailored to your website and social media and all the necessary files for apparel and print. Please review the process below and let us know if you have any questions!


Brand Survey & Kickoff Call

All branding projects start with a survey so you can tell us more about your brand and what you want to accomplish. We will then get on a kick-off call to introduce our team and dig deeper into what kind of brand you want to create and what successful outcomes look like. This step aims to understand your industry, business mission, target market, competition, and culture.

Gathering this information gives us an informed perspective so we can create a logo and brand you’ll love. Our initial focus will be designing the logo, and then we will build the brand around that throughout the process.

Outcome: We understand your brand goals and begin our brand development process.

Thank you for your patience!

Note: The time between the kickoff call and delivery of the first look is the longest and most time-consuming step as we must develop and create multiple logo options.


Black & White Options

We start with a clean slate and design multiple black-and-white logo options, each a unique exploration of your brand’s potential. The logos will have a variety of styles, fonts, layouts, and designs. A design rationale for each option is provided, along with the logo’s vertical and horizontal orientations. 

Once the logos are ready to review, we will discuss what you liked and didn’t like about each option, possible color combinations, and which direction(s) to take.

Outcome: One or two directions are chosen for revisions and improvements in the next round. 


Color Logo, Color Palette, & Typography

Your brand starts to take shape. We add color and refine one or two options from the first look. Each direction has logo color versions with specifically defined color palettes and type families. 

Outcome: A final logo direction is chosen and feedback on the color palettes and typeface options is given.


Logo Finalization & Brand Refinement

We get it ready for the world. At this point, we have a logo and a clear brand direction. We finalize your logo, make minor revisions, and refine the details. We also create all accompanying assets and continue to improve and refine your brand, bringing it to life through real-world examples, including a brand identity and mock-ups.

Outcome: Feedback for any remaining changes on the logo, colors, or typography. After those changes are made we finalize everything and prepare it for delivery. 


Logo & Branding

We share the logo and branding with you. Squeeze delivers your logo in all formats so you can start using it! We also provide a branding reference sheet and a simple style guide so you can hit the ground running.

What we deliver:

  • Logo in all appropriate formats
  • Simple Style Guide
  • Squeeze Final Logo Document

Outcome: Start using your new logo and branding!

You own the copyright!

Note: Once all brand development invoices are paid in full to Squeeze, the copyright for your logo and branding transfers to you.


Brand Style Guide & Assets

In addition to what is provided above, we share additional logo and branding files which include:

  • Secondary logo in all appropriate formats
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Brand Pattern
  • Brand Grid

What Makes Us DIfferent?

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Squeeze is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs – from logos and branding, to web development, and advertising.

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We let our results speak for themselves and we’re so confident in those results that we’ll never make you stick around longer than you want to.

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We believe more than anything that you should feel comfortable with, confident in, and actually enjoy the people that you are working with.