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Swig & Swine
Food & Beverage
Social Media Management, SFV Video On-Site, Social Media Advertising, Website Design, Website Development

Swig & Swine came to Squeeze Marketing when they were ready to upgrade their website

Swig & Swine came to Squeeze Marketing when they were ready to upgrade their website and felt the timeline and price point aligned well with their goals — after designing and developing a website they fell in love with, they came back a few years later, eager to free up the time spent working on social media so they can prioritize the things that matter most to them: delicious barbecue and happy guests! With a brand voice that’s playful, fun, and not afraid to be a little outside of the box and raunchy, Swig & Swine felt Squeeze would be a great partner for this, and we’ve actively worked to create a social media presence that embodies the goals, vision, and yummy food Swig & Swine has to offer.
Our Strategy

1. Social Media Campaign

Previously for Swig & Swine, navigating the world of social media was a daunting task for the team. It was time consuming, fell between the cracks, and felt like a chore that took away from what they do best — making mouthwatering barbeque! When they reached out to the Squeeze Team to take over social media, we were stoked to capitalize on their light-hearted and humorous tone and alleviate their hassle of managing social media accounts. 

Every month, we create content calendars that utilize relevant trends on social media that resonate with their audience. We go on-site to create engaging content, and as a result, we have received more impressions, engagement, and growth. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated, creative, and strategic approach to elevate Swig & Swine’s online presence and take it to the next level. 

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“Working with Squeeze Marketing is consistent, it’s reliable, and there’s never a question of where I stand.”


How it started


2. Website Design & Development

Crafting digital experiences as flavorful as BBQ – Presenting the Swig & Swine BBQ website! A seamless blend of mouthwatering visuals and user-friendly design, capturing the essence of their BBQ expertise. Explore their catering services, delve into weekly specials, and browse the online store across multiple locations. We’re proud to bring the sizzle of Swig & Swine to the digital realm.


Web Development

Website development at Squeeze is completely custom yet also built on platforms that the client can easily be trained to manage themselves if that’s the preference. Squeeze websites prioritize user experience, providing engaging content and media that incentivizes the user to buy or contact the business.

Analytics and Reporting

Squeeze performs the most in depth analysis of website traffic and activity in the small business marketing industry nationally. Our technical website analysis and client reporting is the way we show exact ROI by platform and campaign. We focus on complete transparency in client communication and our clients always know which campaigns are effectively driving leads and sales.

Digital Advertising

Squeeze performs demographic research and analysis focusing on the key demos of “most common customer/client” and “ideal customer/ client” to identify the full depth of demographic and keyword targets. The team then builds a multi-platform campaign for maximal brand visibility and in depth analytics to ensure positive return on investment.