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6 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media

Brand awareness is the most basic component that all great marketing strategies are built on. Social media has made increasing awareness even easier and more crucial than ever before. Nowadays on social media, people are tired of hearing the same sales pitches over and over again. Rather, they prefer to see genuine, helpful content posted by businesses and brands that they admire. That is why focus marketing efforts on brand awareness is more important than ever before!

Still, creating brand awareness in an effective but genuine way can be a balance that many businesses struggle to find. But there are a few simple things you can be doing to help. Here are our top 6 tips for increasing brand awareness on social media.

Be Visual

It is a known fact that pictures speak louder than words. That is why social media visuals are crucial. People are more likely to scroll past your Facebook post if it is just a huge block of text. But if you include a picture, you’re more likely to capture their attention and make them actually want to read your post since the image has piqued their interest by giving them a snippet of what the rest of the post is about.

On Instagram, you have to be visual since all posts require a picture. However, this makes it even more challenging since your audience is seeing lots of pictures. Therefore, your visual must be captivating enough to make them stop their scroll and notice it amongst all of the other images. You can do this by creating a brand aesthetic that consists of a certain look and feel with each of your images, so people know it is your picture before even seeing your name on it. Use colors and filters that best represent your brand and will resonate with your audience. Finally, every now and then, switch it up by throwing in a video to really capture people’s attention.

Be Conversational

Don't just make posts about your brand and products or services. Make sure you bring in the audience and facilitate ways in which they can talk with you! You can start doing this by making the post more personal and telling a story beyond the picture or product. Finish your post by turning it to your audience and asking them a question at the end or giving them a certain action to take.

Take a look at our example from above, where we posted about work from home productivity and then asked our followers to share their own tips. Some other examples are to ask people what their favorite of something is, asking for tips or examples of others’ personal experiences, or simply how they are spending their day, especially on special occasions and holidays. This way, your post is more conversational and allows you to communicate more, gaining more interaction and brand awareness.


Facebook and Instagram stories are an amazing feature that far too often business neglect because they struggle to come up with ideas of what to post. However, stories could not be a more simple way to interact with your audience and increase brand awareness. They help you to stay relevant throughout the day and increase your amount of engagement without having to make a planned post that appears in people’s feed. Stories are meant to be quick and interactive, so don’t overthink them!

Some ideas to get you started are to post what is going on in your business that day, some new inventory or offerings you just released, seasonal items, etc. We highly encourage you or whoever is the “face” of your business to get personal on stories, talk to the camera, and interact with followers. You can get on and tell a story, give advice, or personally ask a question that then poses answers from followers. Some other ways to increase engagement are by doing a Q&A, posting a poll, using the slider bar on a picture, and getting people to vote on something. Overall, stories help followers feel like they know you and give them a better way to communicate with you, overall making them more aware of your brand and helping to grow your online image.

Live Content

Aside from stories, live videos are another great way to get on camera and get people to see what you’re truly all about. Live videos can be intimidating, but with little preparation and practice, they are truly such an effective way to increase your brand awareness. When a live video begins, you will be able to see who is joining you and what things they are saying. This is a great opportunity to personally answer their questions. Some of the most popular live topics to cover are how-tos and tutorials, tours and behind the scenes views, interviews with guests and business partners, and live Q&A videos. It is best to advertise ahead of time when you’ll be going live so people will know when to tune in. Then get ready for a great opportunity to connect and interact!

User-Generated Content

If finding new content is a struggle for you, take that pressure off your shoulders by opening up your social media to photos that others take! User-generated content is a great way to keep your feed fresh with new content without having to spend too much time taking the photos yourself and finding ways to represent your company. There are so many people out there already using what you offer, so give them thanks by asking them to share content then tagging and reposting them.

Here at Squeeze, we offer free promo items for people to wear and encourage them to share their pictures with us, as you can see above. This is one way we find some great user-generated content to repost and engage with that we otherwise would never be able to create on our own.


If you think influencers are just for the world’s top companies and leading powerhouses, think again. Today’s influencer marketing stems all the way down to local small businesses and even startups. Influencer marketing, when done correctly, is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness by having someone else represent and do all of the talking for you. Start by taking a look at the people in your local scene posting frequent content and getting a strong amount of engagement from their following. This person may have as little as 5,000 followers, but what is important is that their followers trust their advice and will actually take action based on this influencer’s reviews.

Once you find the right influencer that has similar beliefs as your company and has a following in your target demographic, you can reach out to them and offer either money (if your budget allows) or free products/services. You can even ask what their going rate is and how you can support them in your own way. If this person is part of your same local community, chances are they have heard of you and are probably willing to help, especially if they’re already a fan!

Increasing Brand Awareness

Whatever industry you are in, brand awareness is crucial for building a following of engaged and loyal customers who look to you for advice and trust your expertise. Social media is one of the best places to go to gain a following and have real conversations with your customer base. By following these 6 tips, you’re sure to be successful in building your brand awareness and consequently increasing your conversions!

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