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Squeeze Marketing — Celebrating One Year In Business!

To Everyone Who Has Directly (or Indirectly) Helped Us,

Exactly one year ago today, we officially opened our doors at Squeeze Marketing. After months of collaboration, long days and nights, and plenty of research, we decided to take the proverbial “Leap of Faith” and put this company in motion.

We were hinted, nudged, and sometimes asked directly if we knew what we were doing. If we even knew how to run a business? If we even had a plan to become relevant in a dynamic, but unique, Charleston market? And, our all-time favorite — “What is your backup plan if/when this doesn't work?”

We left our comfortable jobs, consistent paychecks and peace of mind to start a company in a city where creativity, design, and small business in our field was beginning to be considered a “flooded market.”

We met with everyone and anyone that would talk to us. Competitors, business owners, friends, family, even strangers that we met at social events. We soaked in as many “knowledge bombs” as we could from the optimists and filtered out the negative from the pessimists.

Holding true to our mission and vision since day one, we very proudly have, and continue to, help businesses in 10 states and two countries. We have built first-time websites for non-profits who needed an identity in its marketplace, we’ve helped launch businesses from the ground up and watched them grow immensely, and most importantly — we have stayed in touch with each and every one of our clients, past and present, to ensure that they continue to develop.

Fast-forward 365 days (which flew by faster than we can believe), and here we are, drinking a coffee from one of our favorite local coffee spots in our modest little office located in a small historic building on the corner of Archdale and Beaufain in Downtown Charleston — and we revel…

We revel in a year’s worth of some of the best, but most challenging, times of our lives, and we look to the future with pure excitement.

So — to anyone and everyone who has either directly or indirectly helped us get to this exact moment we are in right now… We humbly Thank You, and look forward to returning the favor ten-fold someday.

Cheers to Another Year!

Brian Gargone and Eric Hinderhofer


Instagram: squeeze_marketing

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