Small Business Search Engine Optimization

Ideally, you want your website to show up first for applicable search terms. The advantage of this is significant as 92% of clicks go to results on page 1 of google searches and 70% of those clicks go to top 3 results on that first page. The major factors that determine a website’s traffic (that we can affect) are text content, backlinks, website structure, and social media signals. On-page optimization covers website structure and text content. Backlinks The anchor text is the text that makes up the link on another website leading to one of your websites. Each backlink is essentially a “vote” in the eyes of Google. “Votes” from more prominent websites carry more credit. The backlink is the

Small Business Guide to Google Maps

Heyyyyoo! Michael here... I went live on the Squeeze Facebook yesterday and the point was to give small business owners the answer to the test on marketing. Specifically, this time around we are talking about Google Maps. Google Maps is the largest platform that allows consumers to search for and find local businesses, addresses, and attractions. Don't worry, we already know the questions running through your head. 1. So is the time and effort on Google Maps worth it? 2. How much business can it really bring? 3. How the heck do I do this and not have it ruin my day? 4. Do these guys really know what they are talking about? The answers are yes, lots, easily with our help, and oh yeah (we spe

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